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Planning your romantic getaway with your special someone could be stressing. However, a tall ship cruise will do lots of work for you.
Choosing the best destination for you and your significant other is a vital step, and this list is an excellent place to begin:

Romantic Cruises Offer a Luxurious Venue to Feel the Most Romantic Destinations in the World

Do you dream of visiting romantic places such as Alaska, Hawaii, Tahiti, Greece, Rome and others? Dream no more; because the perfect way to feel these is to embark one of the many romantic cruises to romantic destinations accessible today.
Tall ship cruise vacations have become one of the most sought-after ways to take a break from the daily rat-race of life, and that’s no wonder! Taking on a romantic cruise provides a relaxed and luxurious environment to feel the wonders, which some of the finest destinations of the world have to provide.
You see, cruise itineraries are so expansive and varied. You can surely explore ports-of-call to fit your greatest desires.

Best Romantic Cruise Destinations You Can Choose

  • England to New York
    new york cruise
    There is something enduringly about Trans-Atlantic voyage with the love of your life. The majority of Trans-Atlantic cruises set sail in the fall and spring, and cruises work between England and New York City.
    Travel the route that generations of explorers and immigrants have journeyed for many years.
  • Galapagos Island
    Galapagos-Island cruise
    Another excellent romantic cruise destination for animal-loving and adventurous couples is the Galapagos Islands. However, because of environmental concerns, itineraries are verbalised by the Galapagos National Park Service.
    The perfect cruise duration here is 8 days and 7 nights, even though other travellers prefer longer or shorter trips.
    Tourists are only permitted in some portions of the national park, but some travellers venture off to backpack and discover nearby islands. Some of the major islands you must see include Fernandina, Isabela, Santa Cruz, and San Cristobal.
  • Southern Australia
    sydney cruise
    Explore rugged islands, see colourful fish and discover pristine coral reef in the Indian Ocean as you travel the Australian coastline on a tall ship cruise. In case you didn’t know yet, Southern Australia cruises operate from Kangaroo Island to Ceduna, along with different sandy beaches and sheltered bays along the way.
    That’s an excellent romantic cruise for couples who are lovers of animals and wish to get up up-close view of fish and exotic wildlife.
    Tall ship cruises normally run along the western coast of Australia to explore the region between Dampier and Perth. Some Australian Cruises even operate to New Zealand too, and the ideal time to go is in the middle of October and March.
  • Bermuda
    bermuda cruise
    You might be already aware of the fact that Bermuda is an island located in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean. Even though it’s less raved about, it is considered one of the most romantic cruise destinations on the planet.
    The island boasts a laid-back atmosphere, which is ideal for couples who want some relaxation. You will also find wonderful culinary scene there along with a selection of foods to choose from.
    You can also pamper yourself with shopping excursions and spa treatments or take to the water to discover the vibrant coral reefs and some mysterious shipwrecks. Several cities like New York City and Boston provide departures from Bermuda Island between the spring and fall seasons.
  • Monte Carlo and Barcelona
    monte-carlo cruise
    To discover the Western Mediterranean, you can consider Spain for your next romantic cruise destination. You will find a series of cruise routes, which begin and finish in Monte Carlo, Spain, Monaco and Barcelona. Such cruises itineraries often present stops in St. Tropez and Marseille in France, La Spezia and Genoa in Italy.
    This is an excellent cruise destination for those couples who have never been to Europe. This is also ideal for Europeans who have never witnessed the wonderful coast of their homeland from the luxury of a tall ship cruise.
    You need to bear in mind; however, this region does become too hot during the summer season. You might wish to book your trip in the fall or late spring.
  • Turkey and Greece
    greece cruise
    Did you know that the Eastern Mediterranean region covers a wide array of areas, which extend from Russia, the Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia, Italy and Greece? Cruise routes in this area mix ancient history along with laid-back beaches, local culture, cuisine and nightlife.
    There’s no better way to witness the Greek Islands than onboard a tall ship cruise. Such cruises often depart from Istanbul and Athens, so you can discover Turkey and Greece on either end of the journey.
    Many ancient wonders, intense landscapes, and iconic architecture await you in this place.
  • Seychelles
    seychelles cruise
    Do you wish to explore the Indian Ocean in style? Then you can jump on board on a tall ship cruise bound for Seychelles. This is a destination to explore adventure, intriguing wildlife and white sandy beaches.
    What’s more, it’s a wonderful place to hike through the forest, discover the local culture, and go snorkelling on the shore. Some of the most usual ports of call in this region are the islands of LaDigue, Curieuse, Mahe, St. Pierre, Aride, and Cousin.
    Such destinations are a bit more off-the-beaten-path than your standard average cruise provides. You could also get the chance to see nearby Sri Lanka while you are in the area.
  • The Caribbean
    Caribbean cruise
    You are already aware of the fact that the islands of the Caribbean are sought-after for cruises than anything else. You will find a plethora of romantic itineraries to pick in this destination, and there are over 7,000 islands.
    Generally, the Western Caribbean favoured for its excellent water sport opportunities and brief itineraries. East Caribbean, on the other hand, is favoured for its authentic rugged terrain and soothing beaches.
    Even though the islands of Bahamas are in the Atlantic Ocean, they are also an excellent tall ship cruise option for couples who have budget and time constraints.
  • French Polynesia
    french Polynesia cruise
    Compared to Hawaiian Island cruises, French Polynesia is more rugged and underdeveloped for adventurous exploration. Some of the major cruise destinations here are Taha’a, Huahine, Raiatea, Moorea, Bora Bora and Tahiti.
    This beautiful chain of islands provides excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities and even French-inspired cuisine and gorgeous beaches.
  • Hawaiian Islands
    hawaii cruise
    Ultimately, the Hawaiian Islands have always been the most well-known cruise destinations in the world. In fact, the islands are a hotspot for romantic getaways and weddings. This is considered as a modern cruise destination, allowing you to discover the metropolitan cities of Kahului, Honolulu and other islands.
    You can enjoy the white sand beaches of Hawaii, discover the volcano areas, or get active by going zip lining, horseback riding, and snorkelling or diving. You will also find various cruise ships, which leave to the islands from San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Cruise ships take the guesswork of the travel planning, along with a continuous flurry of activities on the lodging and schedule, entertainment and meals right at your fingertips.
However, even among romantic cruise expeditions, every tall ship has something different to present for their travellers. No matter if you are seeking privacy, social activity or relaxation adventure, and your ideal tall ship cruise is there around the corner.

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