Whatever excitement and adventure you see, you will find different ways to fill your days on board on a tall ship cruise. Every day and night brings something new to explore, see and do. If you are one of those people who are having an upcoming event, opting to a tall ship cruise might be a good option for you.
Below are some of the events you can have on a tall ship cruise.


wedding cruise

So, you are getting married. Instead of relaxing in the excitement and happiness of your big day, you are stressing out over the when, where, and what of how it will all come together.
That might be an ideal time to consider a sun-soaked beach ceremony, to consider exchanging vows in an exotic place or even on a tall ship cruise. Marriage is one of the most vital events in one’s life.
Why don’t you reward yourself with memorable memories of the day that you announced your love to the whole world? Whether you plan on a terrace by the ocean, a fortress loaded in history or romantic swaying on the Karaka ship, be prepared that a tall ship cruise will make your wedding an event you will always remember for the rest of your life.
The scent of the ocean and the mouth-watering dishes will transform your wedding into a truly memorable experience. You see, tying the knot on a tall ship cruise offers you a lot of options.

  • Tall Ship Cruise Weddings Provide Beautiful Backdrops
    You will find lots of amazing land-based wedding events. That makes it difficult for you to stand up against Boracay White Beach located in the Philippines. Not every wedding need lots of lighting, draping and flowers. Having an outdoor ceremony at one of the most majestic beaches in the world will surely impress anyone.
  • Tall Ships Cruise are Inclusive
    Whenever planning a wedding, the number one thing you need to consider is how you can keep your wedding on a budget. The majority of ships provide you with the essentials, which are included in the price. That covers hotel services, transportation, entertainment, beverages and food.
  • A Selection of Onboard Activities
    The majority of tall ship cruise comes with a regular schedule of activities for you and all your guests to choose. That helps in making your wedding trip much of an experience. You could go complete throttle on Carnival’s first coater at the ocean.
  • The Perk of a Pre-Sail Ceremony
    For couples who wish to invite friends and family who aren’t going actually on the cruise, this is an excellent option.
    Guests who are not part of the cruise could board the tall ship before the ship sails. That enables the couple to have their own wedding ceremony and conduct and after-party before the guests need to leave.
    That works very well for couples who do not like a wedding reception and don’t like to utilise the cruise as their honeymoon.

Holiday Parties

This year, why don’t you take a pause from your standard routine and carve out a new holiday tradition – at the ocean.

  • Pampering
    Since rejuvenation and relaxation are often the goals of any vacation, pampering options on board, a tall ship cruise makes it a simple option for the sleepy traveller. Both kids and parents alike are pampered on a cruise.
    Parents could spend a relaxing afternoon massage and fishing while kids enjoy swimming and playing while being taken care of by the trained staff, down the deck from where their parents are located.
    Later, the entire family could come together for some relaxation and fine food. Everyone can retire to their cabins for a good sleep, getting ready for another day of fun and pampering.
  • An Excellent Family Vacation Alternative
    Tall ship cruises provide options for families to stay together while enjoying individual vacations.
    Most cruises concentrate on developing a vacation experience for the whole family, presenting childcare facilities where kids can enjoy activities created for them. At the same time, parents can also take advantage of some grown-up time.
  • Food
    Speaking of the food, tall ship cruise employs top quality cooks and chefs for kitchens. Most of these chefs studied at different prestigious culinary organisations, and they come extremely recommended.
    Some tall ship cruise provides different cuisine choices and various restaurants too. Menu options for each palette make the entire cruise experience excellent for families who are on holiday vacations.
    Kid-friendly cuisine, along with fine dining options, makes family dining a wonderful holiday event.
  • All-in-One Vacation
    You won’t find any other holiday vacation options that provide the all-in-one experience such as a tall ship cruise vacation holiday. While on a cruise, you could visit different destinations while not changing rooms and having to pack and unpack your stuff.
    A tall ship cruise allows you to enjoy your choice of various entertainment and fine dining choices. All of these are situated steps away from your cabin. The majority of tall ship cruises provide nightly entertainment that might include live bands, comedians and other acts.
    They also provide casinos, dancing and other sorts of entertainment for kids. The deck provides shuffleboard, swimming, sunbathing and other outdoor activities. All of these could be enjoyed while travelling among locations.
    When your tall ship docks, the different locations might be exposed, and local culture sampled. You see, you don’t need to scour your map and phone book to find restaurants; they are already accessible on the ship.
  • Value
    Cruises provide excellent value for the vacationer on a budget. Everything could be bought in one package. Therefore, most of you and your family’s needs, like accommodations and transportation, are included in the cost.
    If you consider an airfare, a rental car, hotel stays and meals into the price of your holiday vacation, even a short trip could get costly. You are taking a tall ship cruise addresses this concern by consolidating these expenses into one package.


birthdays cruise

A birthday celebration at the ocean could turn your special day into a wonderful and meaningful event. Think about this; instead of one single day celebration on land, why not spend a whole cruise celebrating you? Below are some of the top reasons to celebrate your birthday on a tall ship cruise:

  • It’s convenient
    Onboard your ship, you could immerse yourself in a new culture, exercise your mind at the library and your body at the fitness centre. You can also grab some drink and dance – all in one day. Aside from the bespoke celebration package and you are on your way to your most amazing birthday yet.
  • It’s delicious
    When it comes to indulgence, there is no better way than you treat yourself by enjoying some fine onboard dining. You can visit cafes and restaurants to satisfy your cravings for fresh tapas and sushi.
    After enjoying your birthday dinner, you can head back to your room and enjoy chocolates and champagne.
  • It's Extravagant
    Tall ship cruise activities are so much fan than shipping, bingo and shuffleboard alone. While you are onboard your ship, you can enjoy in culinary demonstrations and wine tastings, catch a movie under the tarts of trying your luck at the casino.

Corporate Events

Today, more and more companies are opting to tall ship cruise as venues for various types of events – conferences, conventions, employee incentive trips, corporate retreats, and so much more. What is driving this trend? We provide a plethora of advantages for event and meeting planners – below is some things you need to consider:

  • A Unique Experience
    Taking people to a place they do not go often or have never been enabling them to share new experiences along with colleagues. It supports camaraderie and helps produce fresh thinking. The unique nature of a tall ship cruise venue makes your company event substantially more unforgettable for attendees.
    That also helps brand identity loyalty as well as lasting relationships, offering a solid ROI.
  • Self-Contained Setting
    You have a captive audience on a tall ship cruise. Attendees won’t skip any sessions to go and play gold instead nor will participants go their way for entertainment or dinner, as often takes place when the site is a conference centre or hotel.
    The self-contained setting of a tall ship supports relationship building and supports higher meeting attendance and participation.
  • Excellent Service
    Tall ship cruise staff-to-guest ratio is normally three times that of the majority of resorts. Therefore, all your attendees get more bespoke and attentive service. What’s more, you might not require as much on-site company staff to conduct the event.
  • More Value for Your Money
    All-inclusive tall ship cruise events save twenty to thirty per cent on cost versus land-based venues. Companies have complete access to amenities on cruise ships they might not be able to afford otherwise.
    Lounges and theatres feature projection light, and advanced sound systems as well as built-in décor.
    Floral arrangements, happy hours, high-quality nightly entertainment and personally selected meals are some of the other standard facilities too. That will saves event planners significant money and time.
  • • Better Control of Your Budget
    Evening entertainment, recreational activities, audio-visual equipment, meeting space and meals are normally included. That means better control of your budget and less of those out-of-pocket expenses for attendees.

School Events

school cruise

When you held your school events at a tall ship cruise ship, it will offer you many benefits:

  • Speaking the Language
    The advantages of learning a second language are unparalleled for kids. Aside from the cruise taking students to various corners of the world, it provides them with a chance to learn a new language in the real world, both by learning it onboard and hearing it on land.
  • Lessons in Conservation and History
    Young cruise travellers have the wonderful chance to learn about the world in an ideal way – seeing it up close. Tall ship cruises provide the opportunity to see landmark, museums, and ruins in real life.
  • Meet the Tall Ship Captain
    Some tall ship cruise lines provide kids with the opportunity to speak with one of the best sources of information on board – the ship captain.
    Offering a great chance for younger passengers to learn about everything from the mechanics of the tall ship to the most thrilling ports of call.
  • Feeding the Hungry Mind
    While onboard on a tall ship cruise, kids can encounter the one-of-a-kind cuisines at various regions and probably, gets hands-on experience in preparing dishes of foreign lands, establishing both the palate and the mind.
  • Complete Cultural Immersion
    There’s no better way to learn about various cultures than to feel them first-hand.
  • Games and Fun
    Tall ship cruises provide students with an opportunity to relax with fun, brain-improving student’s program and clubs equipped with educational games, crafts, and scavenger’s hunts based on the culture’s students visit while on the cruise.


Congratulations! Whether it is your first, fifth, or 50th anniversary, it is always a milestone worth celebrating most uniquely. Indeed, a dinner at your favourite restaurant, a bouquet of roses, or a signature gemstone might be the type of commemoration you are hoping for. We love all those gestures, too.
Yet, all those gifts in the world – however sentimental – pale in comparison to that day when you said: “I do.” That’s why a tall ship cruise vacation seems to you, the next best thing than your original wedding day. If you are warming to the thought of spending your anniversary on a cruise, here are some romantic offerings you can get from a tall ship cruise:

  • Enjoy one another’s company
    Perhaps the day you said, “I do” and committed to a lifetime together was a bit frightening. Nevertheless, it was one of your most unforgettable life experience. On your anniversary cruise on a tall ship, each day is another gift of permanent marriage memories.
    No matter if you are splashing down, floating side by side in azure water or walking hand in hand down cobblestoned streets, every day’s activities build inspiring stories and unbreakable ties to share.
  • Have a Fancy Meal for Two
    Make each evening special with a delicious meal every night at sea. In the spirit of romance, superb dining packages can be bought economically.
    Whether you like to have a sample of sizzling Brazilian barbecue or go rare steak, you could have it all at a very reasonable price.
  • Pamper Your Significant Other
    Why yes, you could have your champagne, chocolates, and roses dinners on your cruise! Tall ship cruise provides romance packages catered for passengers who are celebrating their special anniversary.
    Keep stuff conventional with your classic anniversary package that includes chocolate-covered strawberries and sparkling wine in your stateroom after embarkation.
  • Travel to Some of the Most Romantic Destinations of the World
    To make your location selection a bit simpler, tall ship sails to some of the most romantic destinations in the globe.
    Swim under flowing waterfalls in Hawaii, break open a bottle of vino in Italy, dancer under the glittery skies of the Caribbean oceans or share a kiss in Paris. Those locations are some of the most sought-after locations.

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